Monday, 29 September 2014

heading into Fall

it feels as if Summer has filled me with what I needed to come back home this Fall. I feel as lots of things have happened this last year... a long way, away from home, and a long way back. But I feel, I'm arriving, it's home... I let Summer embrace me and invade me, so I can keep the stars and nature for this long Winter to come...

These pictures are taken with my phone, so they're not good ones... but I wanted to share them, they mean some kind of new steps... new way of feeding myself, with some respect for life, I'm thankful for trying, to bring harmony between my thoughts and my body... understanding my feelings, living according to my age, with a young soul, but a serene spirit.

I guess, I'm returning to myself, and loving me a bit better.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I can't explain quite well the feeling of being alone in this house... but is the way I feel less lonely... all my memories, are in every place I look... I can stare at that window... where once there was a plum tree where we use to pick so many plums between my grandmother and my mum... boxes full of them... now, a while ago, the tree died... time passes by... everything changes, but other things are still there, and I can stand beside them time... remembering the noises that home had once, the voices, smiles, unique moments, music, songs, laughs... this house was all but silence... and now... it has changed so much, but I can feel how all these chilhood embraces me and makes me feel warm and cozy, I feel like an invisible protection there. I love to spend time here by my self. This time, Boira stayed with me...

(sorry for some bad quality images, all have been taken with my phone...)

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